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Tor Relay Map

Feb 01, 2019

Here is a map that displays Tor relays!

The map also supports searching for the full or partial nickname, IP address fingerprint of a Tor relay. You can also search for relays in specific countries or ASes (country:us, as:3), or with specific flags (flag:exit or flag:authority).

To display all running relays, the search string is running:true. An empty search string will plot all the relays.

The Tor relay information is queried from Onionoo.

This was written a while ago for the only purpose of trying out JS and in the future, this will have other open source nodes added to it, including things like BSD mirrors, Bitcoin nodes etc. For now, the source can be found here.

There are several icons used to display the relays, their meanings can be found here. A legend is still on the TODO list.

Full-page version.